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Thread: Clod Drift: TT01 and a Clodbuster.

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    Default Clod Drift: TT01 and a Clodbuster.

    Here's a short thread on one of my builds, I'll admit its nothing spectacular like some of the builds here, but I'm definately trying to step up my game.

    Started with a stock TT01, full aluminum upgrades, 9T brushless system, nothing "Scale" here to see

    Then was the concept of a drifter that wasn't the typical small import car.

    Decided I didn't want to extend the chassis to fit, wanted to match the SWB truck my dad had when I was a kid.

    Had a drift meet that weekend so I did some quick and dirty body work, I must admit I almost should have left it like this because it had a great beater truck look to it

    Not being able to leave anything alone I started to finish the body work

    While that was drying I cleaned up the all chrome grill

    Added the 2 tone and decided to experiment with some chrome duck tape as trim material between the colors

    Then went for a drift emblem and license plate, with the ball hitch for some trailer duty later

    Can't be a complete truck without some fuzzy dice!

    Finished it off with some stock Tamiya F350 wheels with a red strip and drift tires. Since these pictures I've found some better thin adapters to bring the wheels in another MM so I could get them under the fenders

    Hope you enjoy, this is still a WIP as I have several interior options I'm working on. Started with a New bright dash, but its "too new" for the truck so I'm playing with a Toyota dash and bench seat from Dinky RC

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    Yep, this thing is cool. Will be even cooler with an interior

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    Thanks, still working. If I can stop pickup up new projects I might get it done. Project ADHD

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    very cool build. looks great.

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    Very kool truck !

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