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Thread: FUNCO Racer

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesmade View Post
    That look like it could be a lot of fun to drive!

    I only drove it for 5 minutes and it promised to be fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by indigo View Post
    Just WOW! I'm really impressed by your building skills.

    I prefer the aluminum wheels. The white ones look too ordinary for this car.
    Well thanks but I didn't build this chassis, member Wrencher did, some 6 years ago. I've never brazed a single tube in my life...I'm just trying to do Wrencher's work justice.
    And to make it clear, both sets of wheels are aluminum. The Centerline are bare aluminum but the Jackman VW Star have been powder coated in white, and I kind of really dig them!

    Quote Originally Posted by SRB Bloke View Post
    Hello Cyril

    Always liked this project.
    Looks amazing. Keep it going.
    You were lucky to find a sand blasting and powder coat company. I’ve tried locally here but no joy.

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    Hey Steve! It's been a long time! I guess I was lucky because the owner of the powdercoating company agreed to do a second batch with the wheel covers!
    Actually, I was thinking I could try on this car the narrowed Sand Blaster tires like the ones you did for the rear of the Bel Ray Bullet replica...
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    Such a cool car/buggy. I for one really like the white wheels.

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