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Thread: UNGLEWD's Build Threads

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    Default UNGLEWD's Build Threads

    In early 2006 after completing our house reno, my lovely wife suggested I find something to do...
    Little did she know, this would be my second run at this hobby, and how heavy I was into RC and Modeling in my early years. She couldn't have imagined it would come to this... Krawl BC, Crawl Canada, The Scale Builder's Guild forums, Jowett's Kustom RC, RC Car Action magazine and 200+ projects later, I thought it would be fun to put together a thread showing some of my favorite builds. It's been ages since many of these have been created, some are even cycled over from the old forums and are deep in the SBG archives.

    After a few years, and a much needed break from online life, I've taken the time to re-post all of the lost images. My build threads are now updated, this thread is cleaned up and the following represent the projects I'm most proud of.

    Big LEW’s FC170 Jeep - A Tribute build for BigLEW, a collaboration with our resident wood master, Headquake.
    Fear & Loathing - Tamiya Blazing Blazer - Cracking the seals on a classic and pissing off Tamiya purists.
    BellRay Champ - Vintage Tamiya SuperChamp, gets scale.
    ICON FJ44
    - The Scale Replica build with Jonathan Ward of ICON 4x4.
    VW Cruiser - Tribute for Uncle, Ronnie Kunz & The Flip Flop Shoppe.


    -Scale Builder's Guild JK - Axial promotional project.
    -Crawl Canada XJ
    - Presented to us by our early Crawl Canada membership & GCM Racing.
    -The Mangler - Jeep YJ
    - Collaboration build with Jason Wall.
    -Crawl Canada/RPP Outback YJ
    - Early CC promo vehicle, first article build for my "Rock Pile" column at RCCA.


    - Camel Trophy D90 - 2008 Scale Throwdown competition entry
    - Bangers & Mash/Mountain ResQ II - 2010 Scale Throwdown competition entry
    - SBG Rover Pickup - Scale Builder's Guild Promo for the Land Rover style Decals
    - Winter Project Series 3 - A simple conversion of a D90 body (unfinished business)


    - FJ45 Desert Cruiser - Collaboration build with Jason Wall, inspired by the ICON Baja FJ40
    - WJ IV - Number 4, built for the Nobel Collection, also a vehicle to tow one of the early JKRC Trailer Kits.
    - WJ III - A prototype vehicle for the GCM Cross Canyon chassis and tire test rig for RC Car Action
    - WJ V - The last installment in my "Wack Job" FJ45 Series, this was a restoration of an old Wrencher classic.


    - STP Ramp Truck - Conversion of a 1:14 Tamiya semi truck, wrapped up in the King's livery.
    - Oscar/KLondike 5313 - Universal Studios, Oscar Tow Truck, another conversion of a 1:14 semi.
    - REDGREEN Unah-Mawg - Mercedes Unimog Snow plow and utility vehicle, based on the Tamiya Hilux.
    - F-100 Ford/JKRC Shop Truck - Another shameless promotion for Jowett's Kustoms.


    - Fiat ABARTH 1000 - An RCCA feature turned race car for the Armature Alley winter race series
    - Mr Gasser/57 Chev Drag Car - Ohhh, those famous wheel stands!
    - BRE Datsoon - HPI Cup racer, my RWD race car for the Armature Alley winter race series
    - Cooper S MKII - M05 FWD race car for the Armature Alley winter race series


    - Deric's Toyota SR5 - new twist on an old classic, a Hilux for Canada's oil fields.
    - Marlin's Crawler - Built as a surprise for Mr. Czajkowski, presented at the 2010 Roundup
    - Calvin Brookman's Bruiser - Make Tamiya mad, tell them how you think RC4WD could have done it better.
    - SCX Hilux Truggy - A little of this, a little of that, Honcho meets Hilux then hits the local slopes.


    - Scorching Bugster - Got my hands on n00b's leftovers, completing the Baker Skateboards Bugster.
    - Class 5 Buggy - Baja 1000 - SBG's co-sponsorship and replica of a local race team's VW in the 2011 Baja 1000.
    - It's a THING thing...not a JEEP thing - Another collaboration with Jason Wall, based on Larry Allen's 1:1 Kubelwagon.
    - Petty STP Buggy Champ - A simple SRB, wrapped in the King's livery


    - Wild One - Budget scale edits on a re-released classic, and some serious power adders for buggy 5.
    - Zombie Hunter - A Halloween Fast Attack buggy for my friends at GoGo Hobbies.
    - Hog Heaven/Railing with Calvin Brookman - A little something for Sal.
    - Sand Rail - Collaboration with Chris "Wrencher" Middleton, now in the very capable hands of Jeremy Fish @DeluxRC.


    - Excessive Force 2 - Mad sculptors need to have fun too, version 2 of the Axial classic built for Matt Hicks.
    - Block Hammer - Wrapped up Hoonigan style, Vaterra's Twin hammer gets some serious updates.
    - Wall Rock Rig/Scratch Built IFS - Bringing the very innovative Wall Rock Rig to completion and refusing to bow down.
    - The County Mounty - The last of the Axial Wraith promotion, proving the 1.9... with bonus donuts.


    - My Fairlady/M's 240Z - Early scale road car, HPI release with RCCA and a tribute to my very patient wife.
    - SSS Bluebird/The Extra - RCCA how to article build and photo shoot extra for the Fairlady project.
    - Drift LEVIN/Ta05 Mfour - Tamiya's TA05M4 gets the ABC/JKRC treatment for its release.
    - 911 Porsche GT2 - One of my favorite classic Tamiya kits ripped from its box, just cause.


    - Ferrari F60 - The actual race car, throwing parts and money around until finished.
    - BT45B in Horses Clothing - My entry into the RC Ferrari thing and it's a FIAT.
    - Ferrari F2012 - It's not a stable with only one Ferrari, a challenging parking lot racer for all weather.
    - Ferrari 312 - Messing with the FXG body kit to create a classic (unfinished business)


    - JKRC's Young Apprentice - A fun XMAS giveaway build that hauls reindeer meat.
    - EXCESSIVE FORCE - Canada's first, built for Axial on the 2011 release of the Wraith.
    - The BIG Czajkowski - Proving the capabilities of a brushless Wraith, using some leftover Marlin branding.
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    Well, cann't say more then that's an AWESOME collection of builds. Unbelievable you should be damn proud!

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    Kevin, i originally joined this forum because of your builds, and i've happily watched all of them come together since.
    Every build was like a great episode of a long running and beloved series.
    Keep building my friend and i'll keep watching.

    Time to start diggin' through all these again.

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    Thanks Andre & Rick, hope to enjoy my time back at the bench and give you more to watch soon!

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    What a great collection! It's legendary, sir. If ever there's a place for build inspiration, it's this thread!

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    I knew you were very good, I hadn't realized just how prolific you are. The end product always turns out very nice and they're always something interesting to watch coming along. Glad you found the Glew, seems to have worked well for collage!

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    So much goodness!

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    Hey, thanks fellas.
    It was really fun to look back through the archive.... you should see some of the incomplete ones from the early days. Some of the old threads don't have much content as they were salvaged from our original site... I wasn't much of a thread builder in the early days either. I'm excited to revive some of the old builds and get to completing them properly.

    Thanks for moving me into this section Matt&Mods!
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    right on! just spent an hour revisiting some of these builds and a couple I hadn't seen before, nicely setup with the links to builds. thanks for that!

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    I have spent lots of hours reading your builds Kevin, I appreciate all of them! Thanks for being awesome!

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