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Thread: VW Flat Four engine for your Tamiya SRB now available on

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    Default VW Flat Four engine for your Tamiya SRB now available on

    VW Flat Four engine for your Tamiya SRB chassis, Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, Buggy Champ scale project. Now available on

    The Engine parts replace the standard gearbox covers.

    PLEASE NOTE: This engine was designed to fit my Beach Buggy project so this current design will not fit within the standard SRB rear cage if you want to use the Sidewinder Exhaust. If you want to fit this to a Sand Scorcher you will also need to adjust the rear engine cover on the body to clear the Carbs.

    Pricing: All these parts are 3D printed. 3D printing is still expensive and my prices reflect that. I worked hard to get the prices as low as possible but the technology has a long way to go before you can make comparisons to injection molded parts produced in the ten's of thousands.

    What is does do is let me make parts Tamiya doesn't seem interested in and lets you configure your car to order as well as get a replacement parts without having to buy the entire kit.

    Quality. 3D printing has come a long way, but each part needs finishing to a high degree to look as good as the images posted. Be prepared for lots of sanding and priming to get the best results. The material I picked offers similar mechanical properties to ABS plastic - that means you can expect these to be similar to the Tamiya Hard bodied kits. Just don't go trying to jump a triple with brushless and a 3 cell lipo, it won't end well. These are scale models that move.

    SRB VW Engine sml 01 .jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 02.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 03.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 04a.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 05.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 06.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 07.jpeg

    SRB VW Engine sml 08.jpeg

    SRB VW Flat Four sml 01.jpeg

    SRB VW Flat Four sml 02.jpeg

    SRB VW Flat Four sml 04.jpeg
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    Many people that had seen my scale engine for the SRB chassis on my Beach Buggy asked if my Knight Customs flat 4 VW engine would fit in the standard Sand Scorcher cage and under the standard body.

    I am pleased to share these images, as I finally found some time to paint another engine and get it installed properly. Apart from the exhaust all parts have just been painted without any additional priming or sanding.

    I am by no means as capable a modeler as many on here, so I kept it simple with a basic silver and a dark wash to bring out the detail. I used yellow wires this time to compliment the red engine covers. Semi gloss black was added to a few of the engine parts.

    The exhaust comes with a pretty smooth finish from, but to get it looking really good I gave it a coat of matt black, sanded it back with 1200 and then gloss black followed by Alcan chrome. I used Tamiya clear orange for the heat effects.

    Comments always welcome and greatly appreciated.


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    The job on the engine is awesome! Congratulation....

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    That's an awesome looking engine

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