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Thread: Tamiya 959 Transmogrification...

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    Default Tamiya 959 Transmogrification...

    OK, so while the Big Wig was always a pipe dream of mine, I assumed I could one day make ends meet and snag one. I did. The 959 on the other hand was always that elusive Unicorn for me until last week.

    This arrived Monday.

    This of course showed up at my brother's place yesterday...

    Not sure if many of you are familiar with the Porsche B32 Van.

    I figured I'd start the "imagine that game" with a Porsche B32 Syncro Dakar...
    So while waiting for a couple of reproduction 959 shells and working out decals I started fiddling with this...a very rough rendering.

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    Had a Bigwig, and also wanted the 959, but the van edition? Awesome.

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