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Thread: Clamping your work

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    Default Clamping your work

    One of the biggest challenges I face is when I am cutting some aluminum or other material is getting the stuff to stay still!

    I have a hard time finding ways to put a C clamp on it or hold it in a vice and still be able to get close enough to it with a saw.

    I picked up a few "200lb T-Handle Vertical Toggle Clamps" and tried out a couple of them last night. Sure made things easier!

    I screwed two of these things to a piece of plywood and clamped that into my workmate. Then I clamped the aluminum down with these toggle clamps. They held as tight as I ever could have wanted them to and I could get the saw up nice and close!

    Give these things a try. They were about $7 each from Summit Tools. Lee Valley had something similar too.

    The metal I show clamped is just some scrap I had laying around to show you how it works.

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    Excellent! I'm in the exact same position as you (finding getting around c-clamps is a pain). This looks like the perfect solution. Hopefully HD or Can Tire has something similar.

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