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Thread: Armature Alley 2012/2013 winter season opener pictures

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    Excellent news, Tim! If I didn't enjoy hanging out and competing with you guys, I wouldn't bug you to come out. I'm glad you understood what I was saying the other night and I look forward to seeing what you create with your new Cup Racer (we've got high expectations from you). We've also got these cars dialed in pretty well so if you need any advice getting tuned for RWD or you want to do some testing in the basement, lmk.

    Good to see you on here at SBG as well, Tim!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Guy View Post
    Haven't seen you in a while, Tim. I'm with Al on this one. The sooner you stop yapping and start building, you can come racing. It'd be nice to see you again.
    Quote Originally Posted by matt c View Post
    There's the pot that called the kettle black! Great to see you too Justin! Oh, wait. I haven't seen you at all in forever.

    Oh and Tim: Don't 'come racing' with Justin. That will not lead you to where we're racing at all. Unless you also think that 'come racing' means; Leave your broken car at your friends house and stay home alone.

    Disclaimer: I might have mean't everything I just said above literally. Don't take it the wrong way. I'm a jerk. It's mean't to hurt.

    Perhaps a conversation better left for the PM box so we don't have to read it?

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    You bet. Sorry for the smack talk

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