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Thread: Protecting the XV-01

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    Default Protecting the XV-01

    Well with all the protective trays available and modifications guys are doing to keep crud from our Rally car chassis, I wanted to take the XV-01 a little farther than the stock protection.

    I used some thin dense foam I had from the inside of Castle Creations brushless system boxes (we all probably have one or two under the bench) for extended wheel well/mud flaps. I fastened the front with the stock bumper screw and washer and attached the rear with double back tape, easy enough to remove for the occasional repair.

    I also used thicker foam for the sides attached to fr & rr wheel wells and chassis with velcro. Also serves as decent side protectors for the body. I also cut & secured a piece of foam behind the fr shock tower and between the wheel wells to close that up. After running in less than perfect conditions and wet leaves, I was pleased at how clean things remained. A few pic's:

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    Cool idea, would definitely help keep the larger boulders out!

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