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Thread: Styrene?

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    Default Styrene?

    What is the styrene that you all use. Reason I ask is the company that I work for hauls tanker trailers full of liquid styrene on a daily basis and if you could use some to make bodies or panels or use it to joint pieces I am pretty sure I can get some left overs from the trailers.

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    I've never even heard of liquid styrene! What's it used for in real life? The only liquid styrene I know if is melted styrene. We use styrene in the form of a solid. It comes in sheets.
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    I believe it's a completely different deal altogether.

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    Liquid Styrene?? NO WAY, DON'T MESS WITH IT. That's the liquid chemical used to make the styrene sheet and forms we use to build with. It's dangerous in it's liquid form because it's so concentrate.

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