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Thread: STRC Wraith C-Hub Issues

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    jhedsy Guest

    Angry STRC Wraith C-Hub Issues

    I bought STRC C-hubs for my wraith to eliminate the knuckle screws from backing out, now I have one stripped screw from the c-hub to the axle and the other 3 keep coming loose, it never ends!

    Any help how I can fix this would be much appreciated.

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    jhedsy Guest


    Well, I havnt heard from anyone soo.. I'm going to put in thicker bigger screws, if this fails it wil result in me buying a new axle housing

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    Generally a dab of ca in the plastics and a dab of ca on a clean m3x5 machine screw will hold well if you let it all dry over night after assembly. I don't like the stock course thread screws.

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    jhedsy Guest


    So you use a fine thread with ca glue? That works!? I went out and bought a couple different kinds of screws from canadian tire tonight, so I'll see what I can doo. I've only got super thin ca glue. The thicker stuff I had dried up in the bottle.. oops.

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    SwampDawg Guest


    i never gave the stock axles, nor the coarse threaded screws a chance from the get-go! lol
    i went all out from the start and grabbed VP axles, STRC chubs & knuckles aswel as STRC steering/drag links.
    all come with M3 screws which i loctite using "blue"

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    jhedsy Guest


    VP axles sure are nice, but I would rather put my money else where first lol. Knuckles are probably next though.

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