Back from a quick summer vacation, business as usual!

You'll now notice a much larger THE GALLERY category
This has been expanded to include many of our other scale RC genres. This makes a way better spot to show off all of your hard work. We also want to have our outside audience to have access to your final build photos and scale outings so permissions will be altered to allow public viewing of this section. What tha hell does that mean you ask? Any time you post a link to your gallery thread in this section anyone can view it without being logged in.

Don't see one of your existing video or photo threads in the new section yet?
We (the Mod Team and myself) will be moving any galleries (spread through some of the forum sections) will be relocated and consolidated for a one stop viewing kind of setup.
Please I ask you're patient during this process.

Now it's time for the fun crap!
Get adding those amazing final shots. Remember there's many that don't enjoy the detailed reads within build threads, some just enjoy the pics. Some like to see the final product before diving into the build thread, by all means add a link to the build in your photo and video posts.

We'll be grabbin them!
Whether it's a new build or an old one, get those shots in. We want to grab shots of some of these star builds for the website and social media so don't be surprised to see your build on the front and fb pages.