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Thread: My 78' Ford Capri Mk3 2.3S

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    That's a killer shot

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    Thanx very much

    Got the front spoiler painted, was sick of seeing the flaked paint...

    During some sanding

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    Winter has come, time to do some work on the Capri..

    First I had to fix the garage port, was letting water in, uneven floor at port, and to make it worse it leaned inwards for the 6 foot or so...

    As you see they have tried to fix it by fitting a wedge of wood, not working att all as there was a big puddle inside..

    My solution?
    Fit a strip of rubber and nail it on both sides of port to make a big U

    And garage needed a clean up big time

    Fitted a new workbench as well

    And last week there was -15C , so I bought myself a 30kw diesel heater

    Works real good too

    And since both my buddy and me was hungery, we ordered a pizza

    First I took of all the doorcards, later to be colored from white to black.
    And my mate was there too

    This is the first job on the rebuild, next I will take out the whole interior to sound proof it with Fatman sound deadener.

    And since they have forecasted 6 foot of snow next weekend and storm, the skirts taking of job has to wait a while...

    During the winter I'm gonna install a 2.9 12v EFI, basicly the same as in Bronco, minus the injection stuff, different to the europeean item.
    Gearbox will be MT75 I think..

    This items has allready been bought:

    Coilovers for the front suspension.
    Caliper adapter kit to fit bigger brakes.
    Full poly bush kit.
    Single leafs for the rear.

    Will try to post the progress along as I go..

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    Another day in the garage

    So far I have used 10 litres of diesel with the heater, but it's nice to have it warm inside the garage

    Yesterday I removed the seats, center console and the carpet.
    And I'm happy to report that it's solid as it looks

    Some pics...

    May find some small patches of rust here

    Rear strengtning xmember looks really good, these rust on bad cars

    In lack of storage

    The weatherman forecasted 70cm of snow, but luckly it just came 20cm, but it soaking wet and bloddy heavy, and it will rain on top of this for the next 4 days or so, so I can't bother to travel to the garage who are located in the end of a gravel road and a steep hill(Located 3km from my house).

    Will wait for a few days to see how fast the slush melts before I carry on with the Capri...

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    That's a nice Capri, and surely is a good Buy!. Looks indeed pretty solid!
    I've once had AN manta A, but when i took that apart, I realized it was raedy to be scrapped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikaros View Post
    That's a nice Capri, and surely is a good Buy!. Looks indeed pretty solid!
    I've once had AN manta A, but when i took that apart, I realized it was raedy to be scrapped!
    Thanx very much!

    There is more rust than I first thought, but still solid for it's age/milage..

    Haven't driven a Manta A, but I have driven many Ascona and Manta B ones, several of my mates had these, good cars..
    One thing I diden't like with them was the limited engine sizes, Capri had from 1300 to 3100

    Really a time for an update....

    Trying to do a couple of days a week as my body is not co-operating too well some times.....

    I begun to investigate the floor pans, not rust free but could be worse..
    Left side rear footwell

    Right rear

    That dosen't look smart at all

    Same sloopy repair at drivers area

    As you can see, it's not spot welded in every hole and the end of the repair panel open.
    Rust between floor and inner rocker panels as well

    Just surface rust in spare wheel well

    Starting to chipping off the aweful paint and filler from tailgate and spoiler

    Look at that thickness of filler

    Most of it came undone with ease

    I guess there was 10 Ibs of filler on that thing

    Yes we do have snow here

    I wanted to know how much there was in the floor so I started removing the sound deadener stuff, floor looks good under there

    Front driver side..
    The repair panel don't look too clever

    It has to go!!!!!!!!

    Front corner of inner rocker panel is badly repaired, and don't like that slap of gum gum either

    Think there is rust under that!!

    Most seat mounts is cracked from previous work, some nuts for the seat bolts are also missing

    Yep, there was rust to be found, and front of inner sill was filled with foam-WTF??

    Badly repair on the right in picture, on the left there was a rubber thingy just to glued to the floor..
    Wonder how many badly repaired cars there is out there on the road??

    But most of the floor look rust free where the sound deadener was

    Rear right side

    Even removed the sound deadener under the rear seat as will Fatmat the whole interior when the rust is taken care of

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    Rear bumper removed

    Then I started to remove the bodykit as I hate side and rear skirts on any car..
    Looks ok here, left front fender

    Left rocker

    Something going on here, yep that new wheel arch on top of the old one and the seam between rocker and lower 1/4 is partly covered...

    Yep that will be doubble wheel archers then

    Horror, left rear corner.
    There are to panels coming down from the boot that meet at the bottom, inner and outer panel, the inner partly gone, the outer, well beyond help

    Rear valance not to bad actually, but I will replace this

    Right corner not much better than left

    Double wheel archers here too

    Right rocker

    Right fender

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    If you shed all of that fillerfrom the car, performance and gas mileage should almost double!!!!

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    Then I started to dismantle the front end..
    Some grinding on rust bubbles to see what we got

    Was a lot of filler between front fender and valance under the light bucket
    Seems to had a hit with something in the past

    Started to remove the spot welder from the right front fender, but soon saw the wing rails was a bit rusted...

    Looking into the kick panel area, yep hole

    Took the door off

    The rear edge where the fender meet the A post was a bit thin and needs to be replaced, so I just cut it

    Cut the wing rail off and removed the fender

    Front of rocker is completly gone, was made up from foam covered by filler and paint to look ok, and when I attack it with a angle grinder it looked like this afterwards

    Look ok but it isen't

    Upper corner of A post where it meets the window is heavly pitted, so will replace this

    Front corner of A post is heavly corroded

    One day I wanted to do something other than rust, so now the bottom of the rear spoiler is 98% free of paint and filler...
    This is genuine Ford Motorsport spoiler in rubber, and in good shape these goes for 1000 bucks..
    Bloody germans and their filler

    Looks a bit naked without the spoiler

    Looks much better allready, I like the sharp look, not blended in

    Got a big parcel from UK today from a Capri specialist

    Just a few of the items inside the box

    And here is where I'm currently at

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNGLEWD View Post
    If you shed all of that fillerfrom the car, performance and gas mileage should almost double!!!!
    Allmost true

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