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Thread: My 78' Ford Capri Mk3 2.3S

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    Caprinut Guest

    Default My 78' Ford Capri Mk3 2.3S, now with pics from the first Capri meet this year...

    Finally I got a Capri again!!!

    This was the picture from the selling ad:

    And a few from when I arrived at the yard where the Capri was parked

    Home in Norway...

    My first wash today at my mates yard...

    Some new pics of the progress...

    New steering wheel

    New gear knob

    And new valve cover gaskets and HT leads

    HT leads fitted

    Want new wheels, first choice is these


    First being Lenso BSX and the second Rota RB....

    Have spoken to a chap who does wheels and stuff, he might get hold of the white ones for me as nobody else can..

    Hope for more progress this week as my mate is taking a short vacation from mid week to Sunday, so I have his lift for myself, should be able to work a little then

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    It no longer exists.


    Beee-yoot-ee-ful! Euro-spec but left hand drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imthatguy View Post
    Beee-yoot-ee-ful! Euro-spec but left hand drive?
    Most (normal) Euro countries are left hand drive.. And yes, beee-yoot-ee-ful!

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    Caprinut Guest


    Thanx fellas!

    Yes all europeean countrys are LHD, exept UK.

    You Canadians may have seen one or two before as the was sold in Canada, but only MkI and MkII (69-77').
    Mine beeing a Mk3 from the first month of Mk3 production, March 78', so it's a bit rare, not many early Mk3 left....

    They sold 500.000 units in US, sold better than the Mustang for a few years, and was also the most sold import at that time...

    When sold in US and Canada, they was called Lincoln Mercury Capri...

    Great US ad:luxhello:

    First a little how-to

    Want safe/more bright rear lights and for little money?
    Then read on

    First open your tailgate and take of your rear light lenses.
    Store them in the booth or another safe place.
    Take out the bulbs and store them also in a safe place, I used the lenses up side down, I like some order in the mess

    You should now have something like this...

    Undo the screws for the light cluster inside the booth..

    Now mask up the rear clusters, because you are going to spray paint them in a bit...

    Now buy some sort of chrome spray, are many good ones out there...
    My first coat of chrom


    Third coat and my last...

    And before fitting all together again, clean the bodywork around the bodywork for the lights, and also clean the lenses and bulbs, renew the bulbs if nessasary

    Close up of the painted unit

    Refit, and you should have brighter and safer rear lights

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    Caprinut Guest


    Next for today was to get it up on my mates lift as he has a short vacation...

    Not too bad underside, have seen far worse, just need a bit welding and clean up here and there...

    And as I had my suspection, the gearbox is of the external gear linkage type..

    And there is too damn much color on this car!!!!!
    Red, yellow, white, black and blue... There are a bit of white too somewhere, grrrrr

    The steering rack bushings was completly shot, was very gelo

    Fitted new red poly ones (race).
    Now there are steering with just a hint of movment on the steering wheel
    Resized to 82% (was 800 x 600) - Click image to enlarge

    Just needs to clamp those security tabs, I ran out of steam today, my legs was shacking crazy and my eyes was allmost crosseyed, so I had to call it a day

    Brakes are next on my list....

    But a big BUMMER was the fact my clutch went ghost when I was to drive the cappa out of the garage...
    It has een bad all the time I've had this one, but I hoped it should hold a bit longer...

    Good thing with a new clutch and a 5 speed box is that I don't need to take it down for a long time

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    I'm pretty sure this is my all time favorite car! Congrats on finding a nice one!

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    RobL Guest


    That is a beautiful car, and in great condition. I've never seen one of those before, really cool. I know it's against your choices, but when everyone seems to have "custom" rims, I can appreciate the slight understatement of the stock wheels.

    Either way, you have an absoulutely mint car.

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    Caprinut Guest


    Thanx fellas

    Those Slot Mags are not stock.
    Pictured below is the correct wheels for my car, I don't like them

    Fitted correct Mk3 grill

    My secondhand front indicators needed som repairs at the mounting tabs

    Fixed them with some styrene

    And clear indicator glass fitted

    I also did tidying up some wires under dashboard today, and added some new ones for the extra gauges.

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    Caprinut Guest


    Did some work on the cappa yesterday, before the heaven open at full gap..

    A mate has loaned me some tailgate ball studs until I get mine from Martin.
    I had to convert my bolt on tailgate struts to the later ball stud as I got hold of some refilled heavy duty ones..

    My old struts mounting bolt

    I managed to unbolt both front indicators, but left hand side was a bit stuborn.
    And fitted the right hand side front indicator with clear glass, but then I had to hurry up and get all the stuff inside as it was pooring down....

    Did not get any sleep last night so I have been playing with my instrument pod, getting better light..

    First I needed to get a new fuel gauge as my needle broke after beeing bent for long time..
    Also fitted my voltage regulator from Martin as well, no pics of that, sorry..

    This was my donor cluster for the fuel gauge

    My 6 pod cluster...

    Top half of with the glass...

    Empty cluster

    This is what happens when you are using 5watt bulbs instead of the 3 as you should use.
    My PCB is also burnt in a few places, but only a few warning lights is not working, need a new pcb, the donor one was burnt badly..
    Just point out that the light is a LED one, much less wattage on these, but still not enough light...

    This LED strip was bought at my local hobby shop for less than 8 pounds, it has 60 smd diodes and can be cut every 3 leds for custom lengths.
    I choose green as I like the orginal look, I'm no fan of the red Audi/BMW ***** lights, nor do I like blue either, that belong the emergency rigs..

    Finished cluster

    I like it a lot

    Close up pic

    And roughly how it will look in the car...

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    That's one of the coolest uses of those strip lights I've ever seen. Very very good! Looks great!

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