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Thread: How do I build a trailer?

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    NVFOCUS Guest

    Question How do I build a trailer?

    I would like to know if anyone has any tips, instructions on how to build a tow trailer for a 1/10.

    I have an SCX10 truck and I would like to build a trailer for it to town anther truck.


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    MrRangeRover1996 Guest


    Search my postings. There you will find a tread about building a multi-axle trailer and a single axle trailer. Hope this helps.

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    Yeah there's a few trailers built on here size and shape is up to you but they all need similar components, mainly hitch and axles are the tough ones.
    here's a few more

    Little Brass Offroad Trailer
    Hillbilly's new trailer
    JKRC Land Rover/Military Trailer
    JKRC Military Trailer Prototype

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    NVFOCUS Guest


    Thanks, I'll check them all out.

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