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Thread: test and tune 25/05/08

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    freakos Guest

    Default test and tune 25/05/08

    Hey all, installed droop suspension on my Axial RTR. Tested it out today and really like how it works.

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    F350 Tonka Guest


    Nice video,cool rock formation.Is that on your property?
    I love my rtr it amazes me every time I go out.

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    colonelangus Guest


    hey buddy nice work on the truck ..very kool looking rock i agree is

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    freakos Guest


    the rock formation is actually in a park just across the street from where i live. It's my test and tune spot :gamer:

    edit: same rock formation but with my scaler Rubicon

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    Houndog Guest



    Looks like a great place to test!

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    F350 Tonka Guest


    I wish the park by my house looked like that.

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    dubfreak Guest


    hey james nice to see you here on that forum hope you are ready for tomorow i have a suprise for you a new rig to compit you rtr

    see ya frank

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