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Thread: Summit 2 speed transmission

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    jhedsy Guest

    Default Summit 2 speed transmission

    Anyone got a summit 2 speed transmission in a wraith? I know they make adapters for the scx10. I want to give'er a shot but I wouldn't know what I'm getting myself into, or if it's worth it.

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    Heinz57 Guest


    I haven't seen anything yet. I'd think it would be fairly easy to adapt the dinky rc mount into a wraith, but you probably won't have any interior space left as the summit trans with a motor mounted is quite large. But yes would be a very cool mod.

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    jhedsy Guest


    I wonder how much that will break the bank... :Wow1:

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    ChevyLuv Guest


    i saw somewhere at beginning of that thread people were saying should be under the 100$ mark then further in they are saying somewhere around 240$ none of those comments were from rc4wd

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    Vertigo Guest


    I would go with the Summit trans, they are bulletproof, and parts are easily available if you ever need them. They can usually be found on evilbay for $60-70 kinda thing.

    I mod my Summit transmissions to get rid of the normal slop/freeplay that they have. As well if you change out your diff inputs to the HPI wheely king ones you can run the larger MAXX drive shafts with the beefy through pins instead of set screws.

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