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Thread: Crawl'n across BC

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    Hodaka Guest

    Default Crawl'n across BC

    Due to an interesting turn of events Friday morning, I ended up going to the coast for a quick trip. Managed to hit a couple hobby shops (didn't find much I needed, though), and met up with the gang at Page Road. Then I thought I'd stop at some spots on the way home to Nelson and do some crawling and take pics (had my kids with me, too). It made for a long trip, but it was fun! Check out my gallery, here's a sample:

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    colonelangus Guest


    lol good thing you didnt drive in to the back end of that could give the truck away after that..nice rig by the way..wicked pics kids had fun i bet..

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    Great shots, looks like you and the kids had a good trip back.
    This is a great image, if you have the original hi-res it would make an awesome desktop calendar for coming months?

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    Hodaka Guest


    Cool, I emailed you a few.

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    Hodaka Guest


    OK, I never did add the pics of another place on wanted to stop on this run. I went out today and ran it a bit (damn hot!) and took some pics:

    The place is by Castlegar - I'll be adding details in the locations section. I'm pretty sure there's well over an acre of rock here. Fairly sticky, with some moss and lichen in spots to make traction tricky - gotta get different tires!!

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