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Thread: which is better?

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    bbungard Guest

    Default which is better?

    I'm new to the scale world I have been doing some poking around on here and I was wondering which is better... is it better to reduce a 2.2 to a 1.9 to get the wide tire look or is it better to cut the center out of old tire and glue them to the 2.2s to fit a 1.9 wheel. I really don't understand when u reduce a tire how it stays together?? It seems that the tread would fly apart... what I want is the 2.2 bogger width with a 1:9 or a 1.5 wheel look and I'm not sure on how about to go at it and I don't want to ruin a set of $30 tires. Thanks in advance

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    bbungard Guest


    I'm gona attemp to build a full on scale tube buggy and I want the look of a 19.5/54x20 bogger

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    jhedsy Guest


    They make 1.7 Irocks (yes there not boggers, I know)

    As for your boggers, you could cut the tires too. Use CA glue. All I can say is, if its your first time, try a worn out pair first and/or be patient and take your time.
    Here is a "how-to" link.

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