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Thread: Drag racing setup questions?

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    Great story, Sean! You guys really gave it to those old boys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radioflyer View Post
    Ok sorry for the long post. Been more than twenty years since these events transpired and I guess I just got carried away. LOL.
    Great story! Kind of remids me of an RC nerd's version of "The Surfers", these three low-bucks top-fuel racers in the '60s that irritated the hell out of the establishment. Hot Rod did a great article on them once upon a time, Google tells me it was Oct/Nov '98.

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    Just read Radioflyer's post, and it brough back a lot of memories. We had a guy do a similar thing with a rocket car, 20 years ago, as well. He found a used Top Fuel chassis, and mounted a big rocket motor on it. He didn't use fishing line though, he figured he could keep it on the ground with just downforce from the wings. It did work, when we ran it in the alley behind where our off road track was, but no one really thought about how we were gonna stop it! Off it went, faster then any RC we had ever seen. You would be shocked how far a car can go in 3-4 seconds of burn time. There we were chasing this car down the alley, and it is still accelerating. Luckily. just before it hit the street, the motor stopped burning, but it was still a pretty good impact when it left the alley and flew over the street. As I recall, the car came back in pieces.

    Same guy bought a cool Funny Car kit. Had some crazy motor in it and 10 1/2 sub C cells. He finished the car, just when we had started On-Roading in a freshly paved parking lot behind a mall. He brought his car out, and we all stood by to watch the maiden voyage. He did a couple of dry hops, and said here we go. Hit the throttle, and this thing takes off across the parking lot at a crazy speed. Well, we're all impressed, but he's not shutting down. Lost radio contact, and it's heading for the curb that's surrounding the parking lot. I'm sure it hit the curb at 60-70 mph, and all we saw were parts and batteries flying everywhere. Destroyed the car.

    I think that was the end of his RC Drag Racing career!

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    I run a castle 4600kv system with no gearing and a 2S . what kind of body are you going to use?

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