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Thread: Xr10 Vs R1 Showdown

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    Deric Guest

    Default Xr10 Vs R1 Showdown

    The Axial XR10 in one of the world’s finest rock crawling machines. A MOA design gives the chassis obvious advantages, combined with its very low center of gravity create a very stable machine. The XR10 Kit was a fun build, all parts and pieces were accounted for and went together as expected. The Novak M2 Dig kit was a perfect match for this build, Castle BEC, Spektrum 2.4 Receiver and Savox 1268 servo I felt would be a good match.

    The XR10 meets its match in the JunFac G-Made R1 Rock Buggy. Built in Korea the R1 is a portal alexed rock crawler. With a larger tube chassis then the XR10 and higher ground clearance the R1 would seems a much lesser combatant. However wheel articulation is the same with the R1 even having a slight advantage. This kit was also a nice build, instructions are pretty vague for a 1st build, but I must say the JunFac products same as Axial are all top of the line. Power for the R1 is a Tekin 55T Hand wound and a FX-R pro ESC, Spektrum 2.4 Receiver, currently has a Hi-tec but a Savox 1268 and BEC will be here on Saturday.

    For stage 1 of this showdown the vehicle will remain stock. Motors as listed above, Savox servos, Castle BEC’s. Both will Run on MaxAmps 3s power and Badlands. The front wheels of the R1 have been weighted to match the XR10.

    5 Events will be held, “The Rock” obstacle, “Driftwood” obstacle, “WashRock” Rock course, “All Out” NRC’s Rock course and “Any Dust” NRC’s dirt track.

    The Drivers have until Saturday to prepare their rides and Tech inspection. Stage 1 begins afternoon of Oct 29.

    For stage 2 vehicles will be outfitted to best improve performance. One rule will be that the XR10 will only get Axial parts and the R1 only JunFac. Budget will be unlimited. Will also run the G-Made BIGHORN tires for stage 2.

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    Deric Guest


    This morning was tech inspection for the Competition. Mitch and his XR10 had no problems in tech, however Kwan and his R1 were trying to sneak some axle skid plates past the judges. Kwan was pretty hot under the collar and things heated up when the drivers and their possies ran into each other after tech.

    After Tech inspection it was off to event #1. The Rock.

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    Copious Guest


    Haha that's awsome Nice rigs you have there.

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    Yeah, this is cool man.

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    Deric Guest


    The Rock!!
    Well this competition proves harder than the drivers expected, after suffering defeat after two attempts both drivers nerves are high going into the DriftWood round.

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    Deric Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Copious View Post
    Haha that's awsome Nice rigs you have there.
    Thanks Jason. Really went crazy on the Tamiya's last year, like 35 plus.

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    Deric Guest



    After two days of rain the courses was far more slippery than expeccted.

    Mitch and his XR10 - 0:58 mins
    Kwan and his R1 - 1:20 mins

    Kwan falls behind 0-1 after 2 rounds of competition.

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    Deric Guest



    A good battle between our two competitors in the 1st crawl course of the showdown.

    Mitch - 2:10 mins
    Kwan - 2:03 mins

    As Mitch is still frustrated by his loss to Kwan in the WashRock round. He vows to " Bring It " in the next round
    We're all tied up at 1-1

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    Deric Guest



    The final round for today caught our racers off guard. A surprise Rock Race to see how the competitors rigs held up.

    What a race!!

    Mitch and his XR10 - 0:42 mins
    Kwan and his R1 - 0:45 mins

    Well Mitch lived up to his word. Edging out Kwan by 3 seconds!! Tomorrow our race warriors head to NRC's dirt race track for a speed race and then to finish off stage 1 they will run NRC's rock course.

    After day 1, Mitch is in the lead 2-1

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    Deric Guest


    On a side note. I apologize for the video quality. 1st time I have tried this. I'm thinking I need a new camera too, the old JVC which we got 8 years ago was the 1st HD camcorder with hard drive. Been shopping online for a new one.

    Thanks for watching!

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