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Thread: Xr10 Vs R1 Showdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headquake View Post
    Yeah, this is cool man.
    Thanks Rick, with the videos and rides you have made, I'd say its a wee bit cool

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    The plot thickens.

    Word has it somebody broke into Mad Maple Racings yard where the XR10 and R1 were in impound overnight. Nobody was found on the scene but authorities say evidence of a struggle is everywhere, as well as two sets of tire makings leaving the yard.

    Inside info shows Kwan meeting with his gang and Kateo a well known friend of Kwan trying to sabotage the XR10.
    However good old Mitch knows Kwan and caught up with Kateo back at MMRs headquarters. Poor Kateo......

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    Cool, nice stuff!

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    Man this is fun to look back on. So much effort into RCs over the years.

    Had these 2 trucks out yesterday in the sun. Both have gone through tons of upgrades. Both great rigs, I love scale rigs, but I also just really RCs and having fun. Some 2.2 action always puts a smile on my face.


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