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Thread: The JKRC Scale Melon - Paint guides

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    Default The JKRC Scale Melon - Paint guides

    Thanks to all who have been enjoying our products.
    We thought we'd put together a simple paint how to guide for the following versions of the JKRC Scale Drivers Heads (Adding to these as we go, will make a good guide for the 8 main paint stages)

    JKRC Scale Head V1 (Ball Cap Version)

    JKRC Scale Head V2 (Open Face Helmet Version)

    Just for fun a How To for painting the original Wild Willy Head
    The following is a quick and dirty How To Detail your Wild Willy head in 8 steps...

    1. After Spraying on your helmet color and it's dry, apply 2 even coats of your preferred flesh color. (no need to worry about staying within the lines, each stage will cover and clean up the lines from the last)

    2. Using Gloss White carefully paint in the eye balls

    3. Next is the exposed fire suit, using Matt white (or preferred matt color) carefully cut in the edge between the skin and the suit.

    4. Using your iris color create two even dots of color on the eyeball. These can be off center to make it look like Willie's looking to the side but make sure these are even. Take your time otherwise he'll be cross eyed. Always be willing to repaint step 3 until this is right.

    5. Take your Black and a fine tip brush, create a pupil dead center of the iris (this has to be even and of equal size but the dilation of the pupils is up to you). While the black's out it's time to paint all of the rubber trim around the opening of the helmet. This will be the most challenging part because you need to cut in towards both the edge of the face and fire suit and the color portion of the helmet.

    6. Next step is like magic, eyeball shine. Use a fine tip brush and gloss white to put on a few small dots to simulate reflection. This makes the eye's look shiny...a little twinkle! Note: Be sure to put the dots in the same area of each eye, the reflection would come from a consistent light source.

    7. Eye brows will clean up the top of the eyes use a fine brush and your hair color to paint these in. While you're in here, if you want to add some more definition you can add facial hair and some shadows in the creases of the face.

    8. A few well placed decals will both enhance and draw the eye away from the face a little....also great for hiding any blemishes in the helmet's paint!

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