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Thread: Little Brass Offroad Trailer

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    crawlerpawl Guest

    Default Little Brass Offroad Trailer

    I've wanted to make a little trailer for my Jeep for some time now. I finally got a start so I thought I'd post a few pics...

    The materials I'm using...

    A start on the frame, it's 4x6 inches....

    I'd like to make some leaf springs and my own axle, but not sure yet...

    I soldered on some front suspension mounts, but I still haven't been successful at springs that don't snap...

    Any hints on making stronger springs would be appreciated. They're made from a lawnmower starter spring.

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by kuatto View Post
    Great start,what about adding a couple more leafs to each side to give more strength?
    It's not the stiffness that I'm concerned about, it's the brittleness. Where they've been heated they snap like twigs when cooled in water. If I let them air cool they bend.

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    Draz Guest


    can also try diping them in motor oil for cooling but watch out that the oil does not start on fire.

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    Here's another thought that popped in to my head - independent suspension with a single lateral leaf...

    It would allow good ground clearance, but I don't think it would be very strong.

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    kyle_l Guest


    have you thought about doubling up the main leaf will make them a little more stronger at the end.

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    I haven't been working on this trailer for a while so I picked it up again and got a little done. Need a bunch more fasteners...

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    I made up some tiny U-bolts out of coat hanger wire to fasten the axle to the leafs...

    And some aluminum plates for the top side...

    I also doubled up the leafs as per Kyle's and Kuatto's suggestions. The last bit of metal fabrication left is a 3-way swiveling hitch then I can paint and assemble the chassis and build a styrene box. The chassis will just be black, but I'm not sure what colour the box will be. Maybe dark red to match my Jeep.

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    Very nice fabrication!

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    - Guest


    Swell work indeed... Should look great following on the trail.

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    crawlerpawl Guest


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

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