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    Question Getting started problems

    (sorry if i put this in the wrong location)

    Just got my scx10 Yesterday, and came across some things I know nothing about. First off, My front left shock is stiffer than all the rest (by a lot) but I see no way to change the pressure. second it came with two motors, the stock axial 27T as well as a RC4WD crawler 45T but I can tell no difference. And lastly my rig turns to the right far better than the left as well as pull to the right even if I have the straight trim set all the way to the left on my controller. would appreciate any input on these matters.
    Thank you For your help

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    kyle_l Guest


    to fix the steering take the servo arm off and while the truck is on turn the trim to neutral and put the servo arm back on strait. as for the shock there might be to much oil in it, loosen the cap some and push the shock all the way down letting some of the oil come out, then tighten the cap and let the shock extend, as for the motor the 45t should be a lot slower and have more torque. hope this helps. and I'm guessing the truck is not brand new.

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    Thanks a lot man! Yep it's used but I got it for a good price and with a good bit of spare parts, I'll run it on the honcho body for a while but I have some plans for a new body in mind (once I get the hang of this crawlin' stuff). thanks a lot for the help!

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