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Thread: Photobucket Tutorial - Levels 1-3

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    Default Photobucket Tutorial - Levels 1-3

    Alright this will hopefully help those of you having problems posting images of those cool rigs of yours. Photobucket is in my opinion one of the better resources for hosting your images online when you don't have a website of your own. There are pretty good editing tools and after a few minutes of exploring, it's relatively easy to use.

    In level 1, Getting started.

    Open up the Photobucket website in your browser.

    Click the JOIN NOW button.
    Fill out the few questions and follow the onscreen instructions.
    This should only take a minute or two.

    Once you have registered you will be redirected to the main interface.
    In the center of the page you will see the Upload Images & Video box.
    If your images are stored locally on your computer, be sure that "my computer" is selected in the form area.

    *Note: You'll also notice that there is a small dropdown menu near the bottom of this box titled "Reduce to:". This gives you the chance to reduce the size of your images to 800 x 600. The nice part of this is you can reduce the size of the images as their uploaded so you don't have to return to do it later.
    The maximum image size allowed on Crawl Canada is 800 X 600px.

    Anyways let's get to uploading your images.
    - Click the Choose Files button
    - Choose the file/files to be uploaded (to make a multiple selection hold CTRL while making selections)
    - When you've selected the files to be uploaded select "Open"

    Your files will now start to upload!

    After the upload is complete you will see this interface.
    If you want you can take a minute to add titles and descriptions if you want. You can skip that if you want.

    When finished select the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

    Theres your first Photobucket Album.
    All of the images you uploaded should appear in this area (if you uploaded a bunch it may be split between multiple pages)
    *Note: I suggest revisiting the album area when your a comfortable to explore the edit features, there's some good tools available

    Lets get to getting your images up on the forum.
    You'll notice there's 4 text boxes under each of your images, for this tutorial click inside the area beside Direct Link.
    The code will be highlited in blue and a the word "Copied" will pop up in yellow. This means the code has been copied to the clipboard.

    In a new browser window open up Crawl Canada and start the Thread or Post that you want to insert an image in. If you select the insert image button in the post interface (circled below) this pop up box will appear.
    Simply paste in the code that was copied in the last step and select OK.

    Your image will now appear in your post!

    Next up, Level 2 - Organizing the images within your post

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    Default Photobucket Tutorial - Level 2 - Organizing the images within your post

    Photobucket Tutorial - Level 2 - Organizing the images within your post

    The easiest way to keep things clean is to adjust the way images and line breaks work together. This is easily done by adjusting the code in your post.

    I’ll start by giving you an example of a post that could be laid out a bit better, then adjust it through “Editor Mode”.

    Here’s the example…

    Here's my truck

    It's got stickersMore Later

    The code for this mess looks like this…

    This is the same post with the code cleaned up…


    Here's my truck

    It's got stickers

    *Note: If you leave the image tags one after another (without line breaks) the images will tile as seen below. If two images are wider than 800px combined the second image will drop to the next line automatically.

    More Later


    If you clean up the code and put spaces and line breaks (hit enter) between the text and image code, these spaces will appear in your post.

    Editing this code is easy, just click the “Switch Editor Mode” button circled below.
    After editing the code you can select “Preview Post” to see the results.

    Hope this helps!
    Next is, Photobucket Tutorial - Level 3 - Resizing Images (cause Kevin told me to!)

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    Default Photobucket Tutorial - Level 3 - Resizing Images

    Photobucket Tutorial - Level 3 - Resizing Images
    This ones for those of you that have to resize your images to 800px.

    In Photobucket click the "Edit" tab above the image that you want to resize.

    The Editor now opens for that image.
    Select the resize tab

    Your current settings are displayed at the top.
    Be sure that "Keep Proportions" is checked, this will ensure that your image won't get distorted.
    Specify 800px for the image width and click "Save"

    When asked to overwrite existing image or Save a Copy, choose "Overwright Existing Image"

    *Note: This will only overwrite the version stored in Photobucket, not the version stored locally on your computer!

    That's it!

    Hope you found this to be helpfull,

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