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Thread: looking for a simple cheap fix to a problem

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    KingCrawl Guest


    Sorry I was just testing uploading photos of my scx10's

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    Heinz57 Guest


    I mirrored mine but still needed the same I don't think it helps all that much...and can't be done with most alloy tranny cases.

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    .-. Guest


    no the mirror effect can't be done on the alluminum trannies ....but as 4mods says you could simply just turn the whole skid plate with the tranny mounted to it ......and yes it didn't really help mine out till i up the oil viscosity in the left rear (thicker oil) so it doesn't callapse as soon as the all the others with a little more preload on the spring ....this in turn affects the articulation in the left rear but at least your not going to torque out and do a back filp...."as easy"

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