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Thread: How to - making your own links

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    tripple.111 Guest


    you can get it at crapy tire too

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    Heinz57 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by MegaToys View Post
    where did u find the 8-32 allthread????
    Canadian Tire always has it in stock.:givesyawings:

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    ecoli Guest


    Yep, Canadian Tire is where I always get mine.

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    .-. Guest


    i got the reddy rod at canadian tire but looked everywhere for the stainless and had no luck ....well i did but ....i tried lordco -no then deckers auto parts-no then i thought hot rod fuel line so i went to mopac-no the guy there told me of a actual hot rod shop in port kells so i thought ok go there .....i didn't even find it cause i got sidetracked into metal supermarket and BAM hthey had some.....

    I talked to a guy by the name of Kris Bollmann and he hooked me up. Got to talkin and he asked me what i was going to use it for so i told him it was for my rc trail truck and he smiled and told me a story of what he built for his e-maxx ....and i thought woohoo he knows what i am up to i will cut the story shorter here....I walked out of there with six feet of stainless for 10$ cash

    what a deal came home and the wife wasn't feeling well so i went out to the shop to play around and this what i came up with.

    Thanks for the idea and how to

    Kris at metal supermarket on 92a and 201 st in port kells says he willl give any of us a great deal for stuff we need from him


    Thanks again Ecoli

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    Tanqueray Guest


    Those stainless look nice :)

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    .-. Guest


    yeah they work really good nice and slippery on the rocks

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    Aug 2010
    North Van


    Great how-to! Nice end result too.

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    jhedsy Guest


    Totally building my own. Way cheaper with great outcome!
    Already picked up the allthread and stainless steel tubing. Just wait for the rod ends to come in.

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    Surrey, BC


    Here is what I used:

    2 - 3' lengths of threaded rod - Fastenal about $5/length
    6' - Stainless Tube - Metal Supermarket $10 (you could probably get away with 4')
    2 packs - revo rod ends
    1 - 8-32NC plug (second) tap
    1 - tap handle
    1 - Digital 8" caliper
    1 - dremel or similar
    2 or 3 - cutoff wheels for above
    2 sheets - Norton 9x11x80G Durite screen back (I used this to "file fit" the lengths of tube for each link)
    1 - 6x9 Norton Beartex medium hand pad (to get a brushed finish. same as a Scotchbrite red pad)

    Just finished mine up and I gotta say I'm very happy I made my own instead of buying a finished set. I still need some hardware to attach the rod ends to the 4-link truss, but I can't wait to take my Dingo out for a test drive to see how it performs.

    I finished the tubing with a Norton Beartex hand pad to get the brushed look. I was going to polish them, but figured the maintenance would be easier this way... when they get scratches I'll just hit them with a hand pad again and they'll be as good as new.

    Anyone who want to save a couple of buck and get their hands dirty, it is a worthwhile project. Hey, this is the first RC mod I've attempted and I pulled it off.

    Thanks Rick for your help on this. Once I relocate my servo, I'll be copying your steering setup.

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    ChevyLuv Guest


    awesoem tutorial works great and i couldnt beleive how quick and easy it was two front links made and instaled in 10 minutes

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