It's hard to judge the end result or color sometimes when using translucent colors and backing them with silver, bronze, gold or chrome. This is especially true when working with lexan bodies and painting on the inside because you have to work in reverse order.

This is what I do to know exactly what the end product will look like. I normally use Parma Fascolor and spray it through the airbrush but the exact same results can be acheived with spray cans.

First I spray a test panel in Faschrome (I find I like the results better than using silver), 3 good coats will do.
I paint a good coat of my translucent color over the entire area. I then flash dry with a hair dryer or heat gun and tape a stripe down one end of the panel. I continue repeating these steps until I have a result like the image below.
You can easily count and judge how many coats of translucent color you'll have to do before backing with your metalic base.