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Thread: The G Wagon!!!!

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    drifto Guest


    its a mercedes g 500 dad

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    corycrawler Guest


    lmfao, way to keep the colonel in line

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    cabsover78 Guest


    wow very nice work!! it looks kinda rear heavy in you movie. also aint brass kinda soft for bumpers? got to see a real movie of this thing!

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    cloddyman Guest


    The brass is kinda soft, but when you think about the scale realism, when i hit rocks this baby is gonna dent! and real dents look better than hand made dents, lol. should be fine though, i dont expect too much rocks for this thing, more a trail truck, mild rocks kinda thing and yeah its a bit top heavy, pretty well weighted front to back, crawls well, but havent had it out very much, i pretty much finished it and it went on display at my local LHS, for the month of April. when i get it back ill beat the snot out of it! dont worry there will be some awesome videos for sure!

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    harley Guest


    awesome job

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