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03-04-2008, 09:57 AM
I recently purchased some MSD beadlocks after reading numerous good reviews on them. There's a lot of tech and time that has gone into these wheels, and so far I've been extremely happy with them. However, the one thing I found a huge pain was mounting tires. The wheels are quite narrow in profile, so I found I kept having a small portion of the bead that didn't get locked down when I put on the beadlock ring. However, after much aggravation, I figured out a very simple procedure to get the bead locked into place.

First, get all your stuff together. I'm mounting Rock Claws with Ace's donuts memory foams. MSD beadlock bolt heads are 2mm in size.


Next, place your tire with foam over the wheel. For what I did, you need to mount the front first. Just line up the bead of your tire with the groove in the wheel and mount up the beadlock ring.


Next, what I did was take a chunk of round steel rod, and covered with paper towel. The diameter of the rod was just under the diameter of the inside of the wheel


I could then place the wheel on top of the covered rod and push the tire down and physically seat it on the beadlock groove, rather than start screwing from "above" and hope that everything lined up.


I generally started with two screws opposite of each other, then added in another two screws and screwed all four down almost tight. I would then adjust the tire to ensure that only the bead was under the beadlock ring. Once this was done, I would screw in the additional four screws and make sure everything was tight.

Once done, the bead of the tire is held in tight. It's not going anywhere until I either remove the ring, or rip the whole bead right off the tire!


Note that the memory foam is definitely easier to work with than the stock foams, so you may not have to do what I did when I originally mounted my rock claws with stock foams. However, if you are working with stock foams, this simple tip may help you with those harder to mount tires!

03-04-2008, 06:40 PM
I just use another wheel instead of the chunk of round bar you use. Has always worked for me on every set of BL wheels i have owned. :)

03-05-2008, 09:40 AM
i use a rim also .its works great ..losi's have awesome beads and ax10 beadlocks are some of the best out there .they are very easy to install .it takes me about 20min to do 4 and that isnt rushing..the worst beads and seems ive seen so far were on moabs and the worst beadlocks ive seen are the proline 8 shooters .they wont even keep a losi on..granted ive only seen a few sets ,but it was happening to both so id say theres a pattern...ive never spit out a bead ..losi's may be the best rock crawling tire on the market..now if i were to make a beadlock wheel ,id make damn sure the tire of choice would install and work fine on my wheels..having said this is it a mistake or did proline do this on purpose so poeple will have to buy moabs or other proline tires just so they can keep rubber on the rims ..just my .02