View Full Version : SUMMER 2020 SBG Bumper Sticker/License Plate Sets!

07-02-2020, 12:02 PM
We're very pleased to offer these new sheets for your tiny trucks (and large ones). One sheet of bumper stickers and logo shields, and one sheet of license plates and a big sticker will come as a set for $18US shipped worldwide.

https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/1024x768q90/924/ikm3Wz.jpg (https://imageshack.com/i/poikm3Wzj)
https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/1024x768q90/922/UZXrsk.jpg (https://imageshack.com/i/pmUZXrskj)

This is a whole new sheet with a whole bunch of new jokes to either make you chuckle or scratch your head. Mostly scratch your head. And wish you understood the joke.

To make payment (and this is the only way) click on this link:


Make sure your address is current and included, as the entire system is automated. If there is no address, your funds will be refunded. Once payment is received, they get sent out! I'm offering these to forum members first, to make sure you get them, as supplies are limited to 200 sets.

Once we're out of stock, the link will disappear.


07-02-2020, 12:58 PM
Finally i got my hands on those stickers.
Thank you!

07-02-2020, 12:59 PM
Yeah stickers

07-02-2020, 01:07 PM
Can never have enough! Must Support the Channel!!!

07-02-2020, 02:24 PM
Monies sent

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07-02-2020, 09:53 PM

Small Factory
07-03-2020, 11:49 AM
I don't get the jokes, but I ordered them anyways.

07-03-2020, 06:29 PM
At last! ::2thumbs::2thumbs::2thumbs

07-15-2020, 02:03 PM
Got mine today. Thanks SBG!

07-16-2020, 11:13 AM
Mine made it to the U.K. OK! Thank you SBG!

07-16-2020, 12:58 PM
Got mine today. Thanks SBG!

Mine made it to the U.K. OK! Thank you SBG!

Success! Can't wait to see them on your trucks!

07-17-2020, 01:47 AM
Success! Can't wait to see them on your trucks!

Most of my car's don't qualify for SBG but I'm hoping one day to finish and share my Basic B*tch Pumpkin Spiced Latte GCM JK Jeep. It's not much but it's mine.

In the meantime I whole heartedly endorse this wonderful facility for vicarious scale building activity.

Thank you to everyone for their fascinating and entertaining builds!

07-30-2020, 03:08 AM
Mine have also successfully crossed the pond,

I really like the addition of License Plates- super helpful.


09-17-2020, 08:29 PM
Stickers ordered for the GCMracing Delta D90 build. it will add some reliablity to a land rover over adding horse power!... at least i hope it does.

09-29-2020, 07:45 PM
They arrived! https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200930/666cfeeb9bd92c69b061a45538dcbec4.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20200930/9491a29e9b8eff276599afca260ff365.jpg

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