View Full Version : SCX10 ii Lexan body side indicators

10-21-2018, 12:13 AM
Gudday all,
I know a hard body (preferably scratch built) is the flavour on this forum, but I'm sure there is a place for us mere mortals with their lexan bodies.....
When I first built my SCX10 ii kit, somehow I just couldn't bring myself to fit those orange sticker thingies over the screws that hold in the grille. I know the 1:1 has a side indicator repeater there and also it hides the screw heads, but the sticker just seemed to look out of place.

I eventually just decided to leave them off, actually preferring the exposed screw heads to the flat lifeless sticker.
Now, a year down the track and full of inspiration from all you awesome scale builders on this forum. I decided to tackle a fix that I have been mulling over in my head for a while now.

Here 'tis, an adhesive amber reflector from a local auto parts store.


Cut out a piece with a hacksaw blade, then slowly shaped it to fit.


Finally, once happy (enough) with the shape, I gently removed some material from the back with a 5mm drill bit,(without removing too much material from my finger tips..) so it would nest over the screw heads.


Then, simply add a few drops of CA glue and hold it in place until your fingers are firmly attached.....:lol:


You can still see the screw heads through the "indicators", but I think it is better than the sticker or just the exposed screw heads.
Went for a trail ride afterwards and they didn't fall off......WIN ::2thumbs


Even found a puddle shallow enough to take my rig through without getting my rims all muddy


Thanks all, hope you enjoyed this and had an awesome weekend like I did.