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10-13-2012, 10:20 AM
Hey everyone,
We finished the final prototypes of the new MetalHead A-13 Axle housings. These are completely aluminum (hence the name) and made entirely of T6 hardened and machined parts. For our prototypes we used all stock wraith RTR parts for the exchange. Hubs, axles, internals, links, etc.

Front Housing with stock ends and steering link:


Rear MetalHead A-13 does not use lockouts at all. The tubes are full length and have new bearing caps included to make a single solid axle. No joints. (rear center link mount not shown in this pic)



The A-13 MetalHead housings come with a rear loading center section. Remove the outside cover, and pull the axles, and your complete diff falls out. Simple no removal design for maintenance if needed. (same as our steel MetalHead housings) The rear end holds a center link mount tab as shown below, and allows 2 lift adjustments on the center links. Stock and lower. The lower link tabs are a stock replacement, so whatever lower link tabs you have now, you should be able to re-use. The mounting of the lower tabs on each tube is done through the link side now with new hardware. There's no thru holes anymore, and because the tubes are super thick, there's plenty of solid thread meat to screw into. It's as solid as stock or better.





The A-13 MetalHead front housing also allows for the diff removal while the housing itself remains in the truck. There are only a few differences with the fronts. As you can see, the housing now holds the steering servo layed down on the side tube. There's plenty of room for this on the axle housing, and no conflicts with the links or shocks. The center link post has extra holes upward to move the links up clearing the servo casing in any position. If you use a Panhard 3 Link setup, you can use any of the 4 mounting holes in this bracket. If you have a frame mounted servo, then you can move the link mount to the tube end instead of the servo tab, and then use that for your 3rd link. There's tons of setup possibilities on these.
** A note on the tubes and tabs: Each of these mounting tabs on any of the housings is held on with solid new hardware, and each tab is actually interlocked into the tube BEFORE you screw them on. The tabs are locked into the housing before the screws are attached, and this gives maximum location and holding power for maximum abuse (if you are into that!) This also means you can switch up tabs in different positions, front to rear or whatever, because they all share common mounting on the housing tubes. **





Final pricing and availability will be shown at gcmracing.ca (http://gcmracing.ca/viewcategory.php?groupid=14) when production starts. We will open up PreOrdering at that time. These will be priced lower than our current MetalHead Steel housings.

10-13-2012, 10:23 AM
Note 2: Front C hub fitment:
As you may have heard from forum chat around, there's been discussion about the differences in the C hubs fitting onto Wraith axles. It seems every aftermarket manufacturer has a different idea on how to make these parts. I have checked many of them and every one is a different fitment. In an effort to please everyone (which is not possible) we will be offering options on a pull down menu during ordering to let you select the BRAND of C hub you plan on using, and this way we can select the best fitting front tube for your application. And there will be differences.
We hope this will allow the user to continue using what they have and offer the best fitting product possible, whenever possible.

Note 3: Custom fitment for 3 Link and Panhard setups etc:
We have a variety of parts available for MetalHead axle housings. It's possible for us to supply you with a tube-end Panhard lower mount, as well as deleting the servo mounting brackets for your order if you have a frame mounted servo for steering. This will really clean up your axle housing look. We also have a pinion holder with a mount tab right in it, and this will let you mount your top 3-link right onto the pig housing above the pinion gear (you can barely see it on the rear end picture in the first pic of the thread.) This combination of a PH mount outboard and the Pinion cover-mounted 3rd link will make a solid and very clean mounting setup.

Note 4: Rear Centered Pig Housing:
We have already designed and tested a MetalHead A-13 centered rear housing with full length tubes. It also uses the pinion cover-mounted top link setup and the stock lower link tab mounts, so you can get a centered rear housing that's super clean and mean. Of course this will require custom rear axle shafts (which we can also provide) and a custom center locker (which we can also provide) for a full package out back.


10-15-2012, 07:09 AM
very sweet chris, can't wait to see em at the falls :)

11-01-2012, 09:44 AM
Did up a set of double fronts for a customer here, all BLACK.

Very slick.



11-26-2012, 12:43 PM
GCM A-13 MetalHead Axial Axle housings. **Pre-Orders Open Soon. **

A-13 MetalHead Axle Housings are an all hardened aluminum axle housing set for your Wraith that houses ALL the axial locker and ring gear combinations (best we can tell). These A-13 sets are lighter than our Steel MetalHead sets, and likely just as strong. These are ready to bolt on, just switch over all your favorite Wraith axle parts, and off you go. Re-use your current steering C-Hubs and knuckles, re-use your link mounts, and use our new 4link and servo mounts, and you are ready to tackle the terrain again.
There are many options on setup for these housings. Please check the option list for each axle and make sure you get what you need for your setup.
Below is the basic list of parts you will get with each order:
Included in each order for a rear axle is:
2 aluminum rear bearing holders
2 aluminum axle tubes
1 aluminum center carrier
1 aluminum rear cover
1 aluminum 3rd front pinion member
all hex hardware included.

Included in each order for a front axle is:
2 aluminum axle tubes (for splined Wraith/XR10 C-Hubs and Knuckles)
1 aluminum center carrier
1 aluminum rear cover
1 aluminum 3rd front pinion member
all hex hardware included.
__________________________________________________ _____

You must specify some options when ordering.
If you have a frame mount servo and panhard, you will receive your front axle as shown above, then you simply add your Vp style axle panhard mount from your wraith stock axles, and link it up.

You must also specify 3 link front or 4 link front with Axle mounted servo. If you choose the 3 link setup, you will receive the 3rd member pinion holders with tabs right on the 3rd, for upper 3 link mounting when using a Panhard kit, like Vanquish Panhard and servo mounts. If you choose 4 link front then you will receive servo mounts, top link mount, and a clean Pinion housing with no mounting tab.

There are 2 rear axle options for the wraith. All your original links will be re-used. We don't use any of the rear axle lockouts, as the housing tube now reaches right to the wheel hex. Choose Centered (for custom inner axles) or stock replacement.

We offer a no-finish stock option, or a ALL BLACK anodized finish option. Please Choose all Black or no finish when ordering.

Note 1: A new servo pushrod may be required depending on your current setup. For all stock RTR wraith parts, you will need a 68mm long link from the servo to the stock RTR steering bar.

Note 2: Using the panhard and 3 link mount tab on the 3rd member pinion holder will require a new top link. The stock wraith links will be too long for this application because the link mount is not centered, but now over the side mounted differential housing.

Note 3: There are differences in the C hubs from stock to aftermarket, fitting onto Wraith axles. It seems every aftermarket manufacturer has a different idea on how to make these parts. I have checked many of them and every one is a different fitment. In an effort to please everyone (which is not possible) we have manufactured the splined end on the tube to fit aluminum C-Hubs well, and the stock plastic C-Hub will be a very tight fit. They can be used, for sure, but you will have to press them on. The plastic hub is tapered inside for the moulding process, and we machined the tube ends straight to allow better fitment for aluminum parts. We hope this will allow the user to continue using what they have and offer the best fitting product possible, whenever possible.

Note 4: Rear Centered Axle Housing is also available as an option. This requires CUSTOM inner axles (not supplied), and some way to lock them together. We recommend cutting off 2 long side Wraith rear inner axles, and grinding flats on them to use our LAST Locker (found in the drivetrain section). The Rear Centered Axle Housing also includes a top link mount ON the pinion holder for clean easy mounting.

Available shortly here at gcmracing.ca (http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=93)

11-27-2012, 06:30 AM
Hi Chris,

Question about Note 2, what's the difference in top link length? I have Titanium links so hopefully the difference is small and I can adjust them somehow.

And the sooner you get me a set the sooner you get pics for you site of a centered rear and a front with Vanquish CMS and knuckles coolred


11-27-2012, 06:55 AM
Great Question Richard. The single top link can be done 2 ways, it looks like. You can use the top link from the passenger side, mounted on the frame passenger side, and the axle housing sort-of across the truck for the 3rd top link. It's actually not that far out of line, not as bad as it sounds. That's the less desirable method, but would work great. The second way to do it is to shorten the link, which looks like about 3/8 inch shorter. Not much, and If your links are the VP Titanium, I'm sure we can find a way to clip them down to perfection if you need it done. No problem. Otherwise Option 1 should be a direct fit.
I'll get you signed up for a set.

11-27-2012, 07:04 AM
I have the Chaotic Crawlers double bend links. I'll have a look at it when I get them.

11-28-2012, 03:13 PM
Pre-Orders now open for the A-13 Wraith Metalheads at this link gcmracing.ca (http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=93) Pick your options and shipping and off we go!
First production starts on Dec. 09 and ships before Dec. 14. Try to get your orders in before or ON December 09 to get them shipped that week. Thanks!

11-29-2012, 03:25 PM
how much wider are these than the scx-10 axles?

12-08-2012, 07:45 AM
I haven't measured them together. Not sure on the actual measurement difference. But they are the same as stock wraith axles for width.

Production has already started on these. If anyone wants to get in on the Dec. 14th shipping, get them in asap! Thanks!

12-10-2012, 10:27 AM
I have my 2nd long axle shaft ready to be cut coolred

12-12-2012, 05:27 PM
Got mine hand delivered this morning by the Man himself, you just can't get them faster than this :laughing:


12-24-2012, 11:13 AM
Here's an overview of the Wraith Axle options (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEigfKEq58s):


The next production happens early in January, so get your preorders in soon at gcmracing.ca (http://gcmracing.ca/viewitem.php?productid=93)!

12-25-2012, 11:49 AM
Assembly Instructions finally uploaded!


04-09-2013, 05:06 PM
Ok just ordered a set for the Model-A build:evilgrin:Thought it might need more Awesomness!!!

04-09-2013, 09:40 PM
I use a front axle on the rear of my Wrexo. It really is stellar quality, and Chris answered all my questions promptly and professionally. Thanks again Chris for yet another awesome product! :biggthumpup:

04-10-2013, 03:57 AM
Thanks, guys! These are popping up on builds all over the place, it seems! Looking forward to seeing your builds!

06-19-2014, 07:13 PM
Here we go again! New info on this new thread here: NEW INFO: MetalHead Axles Pre-Order and types (http://scalebuildersguild.com/forum/showthread.php?22669-GCM-A-13-MetalHead-Axles-Up-Again-New-Info&p=204019#post204019)

Sub to the new thread for updated info. Thanks