View Full Version : Projekt Skyline BNR32 GTR

06-23-2012, 07:41 PM
another one of my creations....

Here is the widetrack GTR BNR32 using parts from the RS4 & NTC3 models.

Sprint2 chassis
RS4 rear suspension arms
Sprint2 3* caster bearing carriers /Rear
Custom camber bars /Rear
Xtreme stiff coils at all four corners
ARP wide wheels /Rear
HPI 3mm offset wheels /Front
HPI Superslick tires on backorder /Rear
Losi red compound race tires /Front
TRX VXL3M brushless ESC/Motor (380 motorplate adapter)
TRX 27mhz micro 4CH Rx
TRX TQ 27mhz Tx
x2 stickpack batteries/modded to fit Sprint2 chassis
All ackerman joints have been replaced using ballcups/joints
Futaba servo /Steering
Simulated FMIC
Rear spoiler
Tinted windows
Sprint2 standard shocks w/ 20w oil - Losi / Front
RS4 shocks w/ 20w oil - Losi / Rear
Front spool
Rear standard 2-spyder diff
Sprint2 kingpins/ Rear lower arms
Still need to fabricate rear sway-bar from piano wire
Cut both Fr/Rr diff housings so debris does not get caught up in belts



HPI 3mm offset wheels VS ARP wheels

Stance using x4 HPI 3mm offset wheels