View Full Version : DF03RA dust cover

01-15-2012, 03:41 PM
Hi all,

I just bought and built a Tamiya DF03RA Datsun 240Z kit...really enjoyed the build.

Anyway, I haven't painted the body or anything yet because it's too cold outside, and I read it's bad to paint outside when it's freezing cold because the paint freezes instead of sticking to the body shell...and well I live in Manitoba and it's winter so...yeah, I guess I won't be painting it for a while.


I read online that the DF03RA is really bad for getting lots of dirt in it so I want to buy a dust cover, or I guess its the Dark Impact of Keen Hawk body shell as used on the standard DF03 kit.

Does anyone know where I can find this shell? Everywhere I have been able to find, every online shop I've been able to find is out of stock. I can't even find it on eBay for god sakes.

If anyone has any hidden gem online shops or something please let me know.