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11-10-2011, 06:21 AM
It's been a while since my last item, and these are why: Finally replacing the bits that've always bugged me most (Pun intended) about my Scorcher- The toyish, plasticky motor & gear covers!

I went a bit over the top on 'em, but we all want the baddest SS out there, No? The only bad thing is, these new parts outclass the rest of the stock kit a tad! All in good time.....

The original was all about water/sand-proofing, and that's not as much of an issue now. Units are milled from a solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum, and are strong yet all excess material has been removed. The motor cover allows more choice of wire exits, and has a real 'Werks' look to it. The gear cover must still keep out dirt, but I liked the visible gear, so it comes with a fitted Lexan 'Window'- Now it seals, but the gears are still visible. A very trick piece.

I've done a lot of SS bits, but think these are the ones I'm most pleased with. Beveled edges, engraving, no time-consuming process spared! Wish I had better pics, once mounted they are SPECTACULAR! Units shown are protos, quickly polished- The production pieces will be supplied 'Machine Finish', so a little polishing if desired will really make them outstanding.

General Notes: Window must be epoxied in place (Tip sheet & decal included.) Motor cover fits factory motor, all dimensions are the same.

Price to your door is $99.99 per set as shown. Scorcher not included (Duh.) Don't miss out on these, or you WILL be all sad later when your peers start posting pics with theirs. If you're a Tamiya hardcore, now is the time to show everyone!

Remember, these, like all of our offerings, are custom made in the REC Skunkworks, and are ONLY available for a SHORT TIME to deposit paying customers! We are a specialty manufacturer for discerning individuals, not a hobby shop, so do NOT maintain an inventory! Please submit your deposit of $5 PER ORDER (Or full payment if you like) by the 20th of November (10 days): The next day I start cutting, so if you're not on the list, you run a serious risk of suffering from 'NoGetty Syndrome." If you're unsure how I do things, take just a minute & go to www.rogueelementcomponents.com : All will be made clear.

You will be notified of your balance due via Paypal a bit before the Estimated Shipping Date. Simple! These babies will go out a bit faster than previous offerings, I'm all caught up at present.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, E-mail is probably best.

Many Thanks!

Chris Cazan

Rogue Element Components


Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: Nov. 20th, 2011

Estimated Shipping Date: Dec. 5, 2011

11-10-2011, 07:24 PM
Yep, it's nice! Great job!
Consider making a regular 540 open end bell motor cover also, there's a market for that one also.