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05-27-2011, 03:25 PM
Submitted for your perusal is our latest Ltd. Edition product, 'Centerline'-style Billet Wheels in 1.55" size to fit the new 'Proper Scale' tyres from RC4WD and Scale Designs International!

Let's face it: Damn near every Scorcher built in the last 33 years looks......similar to every other Scorcher, at a glance. I wanted to build an old-school desert racer, but turns out the rear axles severely limit wheel/tyre choices. So, this kit includes shorter rear stubs to avoid the axles sticking WAY out there. Just loosen 2 grub screws, change 'em out, and it's all a simple bolt-on process. Then, using any 1.55" tyres of your choice (tyres not included,) you have a totally new stance, more ground clearance, and a great Baja look! Tyres shown and recommended are the new licensed Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ (PN#RC4ZT0058) These are very accurate rubber, and set these wheels off perfectly: However, you can pick larger or smaller tyres, it's up to you.

Act fast, as I hate disappointing all the "DUDEDOYOUHAVEANYMOREOFTHESE???' Emails from chaps who snoozed: These jewels will not be offered again most likely, so you have 10 days to get in on 'em: just click the blue 'Deposit' links by the pics below.

These wheels are 1-piece, billet 6061-T6 Aluminum, .825" (21 mm.) wide, and 1.8" (46 mm.) outer diameter with a bead depth of 1.574. Track width of 7.5" front, 7.75" rear- These look dandy with the re-issue or original body! Full set includes 4, 1.55" wheels, 4 lug nuts, and 2 new stub axles.. Cost: $129.99./set

We are also offering sets of 4 Lug Nuts, as pictured below: These fit all Tamiya M4.7 axles as well as Axial SCX-10 and several others. They have a standard M4x7 Nylock nut press-fit in the back so you do not need Loctite. (be advised, MAY require trimming your axles or using a spacer, as the axle cannot stick out the center, obviously.) Price per set of 4 Lug Nuts: $29.99/set

Lastly, since this is ALWAYS asked, we are also offering a single rear wheel & nut as a 'spare tyre': Price, 25.99.

Notable info: Wheels will need a bit of polishing & love to look their best-Wheels ship 'machine finish', with VERY little in the way of toolmarks. (Protos shown lightly polished.) As usual, production will look even better! Also, you'll need a .035 hex wrench to mount the black screws, so if you don't have one, dig one up now while you've got the time.

SHIPPING INFO: S&H will be a flat $7.99 domestic/$12.99 Int'l., no matter how many of what is ordered. (except Italy, Spain, and Turkey- Please Email for details.)

Remember, these, like all of our offerings, are ONLY available for a SHORT TIME to deposit paying customers! We are a specialty manufacturer for discerning individuals, not a hobby shop, so do not maintain an inventory. Please submit your deposit of $5 PER ITEM by the 5th of June (10 days): The next day I start cutting, so if you're not on the list, well...If you're unsure how I do things, take just a minute & go to www.rogueelementcomponents.com : All will be made clear.

You will be notified of your balance due by the Estimated Shipping Date. Simple, No?

Feel free to contact me with any questions, E-mail is probably best: chris@rogueelementcomponents.com

Many Thanks!
Chris Cazan
Rogue Element Components

Deposit Due/Order Cutoff date: June 5th, 2011
Estimated Shipping Date: June 19th, 2011

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