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05-21-2011, 08:22 AM
This all starts with a great idea from Rick (Headquake) a few months back. Because many of us will be rushing out (some have already pre-ordered) and scooping up the new Axial Wraiths, why not hold a fun contest to celebrate the release. Everyone will be starting with the same basic kit and by adding body mods, scale accessories, paint, tires and wheels.... we can turn it into a really fun contest over the summer... showing how versatile this wicked new rig is and give people innovative ideas on how to make their new Wraith stand out from the crowd!.

As always you have to have a SBG Paid Subscription to enter the contest. To upgrade click here (http://www.crawlcanada.com/paid_subscriptions/index.php), it's a great way to help support our growing community! If you're already "Supporting Member" ,"VIP Member" you're eligible for this fun contest....


The Official SBG Axial Wraith Build Off Contest
Our friends at Axial are going to give us a hand with some cool prizes and Axial, MaxAmps, RCCA and TGN will be helping us with judging.
the contest will open June 17th, 2011 and close Sept 3rd, 2011

It's simple, please follow the guidelines below
- Must keep original driveline: Axles, Transmission can all have upgrade parts but major driveline components must stay on the truck
- At least 75% of the factory Axial Cage must stay intact: You can cut, glue, exclude, move sections, add to... just make sure that at least 75% is intact.
- Tires and Wheels: Choice is yours!
- Body Panels: Think it could use less or more body panels? Add them, change them, leave them out, different hoods... it's up to you!
- Interior: Must use the stock interior panel and Corbeau seats, after that.... model additional parts, layers, add anything you want to accessorize!
- Paint: This is where many will stand out, get creative!
- Build Thread: All entries must have a build thread here on the SBG
- Pics: We want to see lots of them, each entry will need to provide at least 10 pictures of the finished rig outdoors
- Have fun: << You get it!

So far, some of the Prizes will be awarded for:
People's Choice
Most creative modification to a stock Axial Component
1st, 2nd & 3rd place (as chosen by our panel of judges)

Special Notes: When taking your final images be sure to save your originals at their full resolution. You never know when we might ask for some high quality pics of your rig for magazine or website promotion.

Slight changes to the guidelines and dates above may still be made.

Please see the Sign up thread here to get your name in
>>> link to the sign up thread <<< (http://www.scalebuildersguild.com/forum/showthread.php?p=129579)