View Full Version : 1.9 tsl interco swampers inner bead reduction to 1.55 beadlocks

03-12-2011, 05:13 PM
so i bought 5 new tsl swampers and wanted to use them on orange crushed to get a more scale height and width tire while going with a 1.55 rc4wd beadlock rim and not reduce the outside diameter of the tire.

here is what i started with a 1.9 tsl sx super swamper, 1.55 mudslinger, 1.55 rc4wd beadlock wheel, ic 2000 tire glue (black ca)


take a stock axial beadlock ring and center it on your 1.55 tire and mark a circle around it


this is what you should get


take your hobby knife of scissors and cut around the circle to remove the inner ring from the tire.


i had to trim the nubs of the inside of the 1.55 tire bead in order for it to sit flush in the front bead. A pair of side cutters worked well for this.


then place bead onto 1.9 tire and apply ic-2000 around the bead to glue the two together.


This is what i used for keeping pressure on the two tires while i waited for the glue to bond. To get a nice even finish, around the bead i put a stock axial ring around the cut edge and then a 1.9 wheel ontop of that and screwed a sqaure head screw into my work bench through the center of the 1.9 wheel to hold it down and tightly in place


here is the finished result and how it looks on orange crushed



03-12-2011, 10:33 PM
look good dude nice job ,,,,just some finishing sanding and they will look stock ....good job