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03-30-2008, 09:04 PM
the best place ive found for scale accessories is victorialand minatures on the island ..
they have everything you can think of .pop and beer cans ,koolers,food,household items,furniture,appliances.etc..ill see if they are online and post a link if they are..

03-30-2008, 10:22 PM
They definitely have some cool stuff, but it is geared towards the doll houses and assorted miniatures related to houses, but I found a neat shovel, beer cans and fire extinguisher, as seen on ol' Bronco pickup.

the beer cans came afterwards...

http://i28.servimg.com/u/f28/11/83/89/82/bronc_12.jpg (http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=31&u=11838982)

03-31-2008, 01:00 AM
yes it is geared towards doll houses . but what is more real than a truck with a fridge and stove in it or a couch and chair .now thats realism .but i like the pop,beer,shovels and so on .the good thing is they are up here.they look like they could be the supplier to some of the american hobby shops .

2 thumbs up to miniland just because they are canadian..

03-16-2011, 03:07 PM
the bicycle kits are sick!

03-17-2011, 10:35 AM
I picked up a cooler there and some beer cans, plus a keg of wine.