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About me

I'm available for collaboration on the following projects:


  • Sponsored vlogs, videos & social posts
  • Facebook Live videos
  • Events
  • Photography & video shoots for events
  • other projects that will help tell your story to my engaged audience


Rates will vary depending on scope of work, usage and exclusivity, but please reach out to me with all budget levels. I'd like to know more about your objectives and discuss ways we can work together within your budget. contact me at:



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I've been a passionate rc enthusiast since I was 13. I spend a lot of my time building custom rc creations from half-tracked trail trucks, all the way to mind-bending, steam powered rc jeeps. when I'm not making styrene dust in my basement, I'm riding My spin bike, walking my dog, watching formula 1, or traveling the world in search of the next big rc adventure.


I work in advertising as a film editor. I've worked on hundreds of commercials over the last 20 years and my wealth of experience in marketing is a valuable asset as a RC influencer. I live in Toronto with my wife, two cats, and a doggo.