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Thread: Tomb Raider Land Rover Defender 90 - Scale Throwdown II Contestant

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    RustyNewfie Guest


    Thanks Rick, got them from the states, RPPHobby.

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    RustyNewfie Guest

    Default Got a good jump on the paint today!

    Painted the body today but was unhappy with the result so changed the color a little and now it looks much better! Still have some painting to do though and bumpers to fab. Want to have this finished mid week!!!

    Some more work done on the dash.

    More to come soon!

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    Now we're talkin, that switch looks increadible, phone...
    Great choice of sites on the laptop

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    true-scalecrawler Guest


    wow! that laptop is soooo cool! same with the cellphone, and all the dash cluster/switches

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    RustyNewfie Guest


    Update! It's getting close to completion, Can't wait to run this truck.

    Body is painted and started final construction.

    Still have to paint the spare wheels black.

    The custom plate done by Krawler Koncepts, Great job on that!

    Couple of more goodies to install on the dash and that will be complete!

    Have to paint and finish the air tanks.

    Still have to do the bumpers, hope there's time!
    Thanks for checking it out!

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    ecoli Guest


    Wow, you've been busy Steve Guess the cold weather has been a good thing for building! Love the laptop and sat phone.

    Can't wait to see this done and some video of it running.

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    RustyNewfie Guest


    Well got the electronics in tonight. Lights hooked up and tested even had time for a test drive, fun but might need a 35 or 27 turn motor!

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    true-scalecrawler Guest


    that looks sooo awesome!:nod:

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    RCFreak Guest


    Seen it in person tonight and all I can say is WOW , again Steve great job on this build bud .. Is it done yet ??? How about now !!!

    Haha cant wait to see it hit the trail this weekend , so hurry up Steve !! :3gears:

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    I bet it's awesome in person, it's so difficult to capture with an image....and the images are killer.
    So much work and detail.

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