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Thread: Good platforms for rally?

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    Hodaka Guest

    Default Good platforms for rally?

    Anybody got a shortlist with pros/cons? How about recommended upgrades for these platforms?

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    All I know of for 1/10 electric stuff is...
    Losi XXXs (modified touring car)
    Tamiya DF 03 RA
    HPI RS4 Rally (Discontinued)

    There are other Tamiya cars but this one seems to be one of the ones with best off road capabilities.
    Pros and Cons...I'm pretty green to this so maybe someone else will chime in...

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    Hodaka Guest


    Yeah, I was kinda liking the look of the DF03RA, just not the price right now! I was also looking at the TT01, TA01/02, TL01, etc. I'm thinking shaft drive, sealed front and rear (an hopefully pinion/spur), bearings, and bathtub-style are all good ideas for rally, right?

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    Kos-Mos Guest


    Anything that is shaft driven will work fine.

    Anything that is belt driven will work fine until you break the belt.

    I would go with a TT-01. Shaft driven. Sealed diffs. Sealed spur/pinion. Cheap to fix.

    If you can find a TA-04, they used to make a rally version of that car. Basically was tires and shocks that changed.

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    Bansal Guest


    The XXX-S has been the favourite of our little group of racers so far, simply due to the fully-sealed drivetrain. It's a proven chassis that's easily modified to get some additional clearance. Other than that, it's all in the tuning! Everything else you look for can be attained through adjustments to gearing, motors, suspension, etc. I do want to check out how these new DF03-series rally cars perform, though.

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    j_ride008 Guest

    Default Tamiya

    Tamiya has a new rally car coming out soon. Looks pretty sweet.

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    derangboy Guest


    I was sizing up a Suzuki body on a mini slash last night and it looked like a decent fit.

    wheel base 210 mm
    width 161 mm (outside of hex)

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    that's a great idea right there...

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    bubu1.0 Guest


    DF-03RA is a good chassis for rally only down fall theres not that many hop ups availible. Also steering design is flawed by allowing small rock/debris to lock the steering at times its annoying for graval paths etc.
    TT-01 not that good diffs are not fully sealed can be sealed but the cheap chassis lacks steel diffs and strong running gear TONS of plastic.
    TA-01, TA-02, TA-01/02 mixed F150 there are some minor changes between each chassis but they all have good ride height. The center drive shaft is thin and should be replaced (hopup) no dust covers were ever made for this chassis.
    TB-01 Probably one of the better rally chassis really tough running gear. One pit fall it weights a ton and handles like it does. There is one other problem but I forget.
    Yokomo MR4 rally great handling overall great proformer downside is its very rare almost extinct for parts and other bits. Also the belts adds to the maintenance intervals.
    Check out ebay for most of the tamiya stuff, the DF03RA go for 169usd plus 45 shipping thou :p6639707:

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    NCcrawl Guest


    I know kyosho makes a rally car its called the fazer I think.

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