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Thread: Tucker snowcat - STII

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    zukamini Guest

    Default Tucker snowcat - STII

    The second scale throw down is here and I wanted to find a project that I could scratch build and was a little different from the rest. After what seemed like an eternity searching the web for a subject, I came across a website on Tucker snow-cats. they have been building them since the late forties and are still in production (although looking rather different from my chosen model) the latest versions have been featured in the opening scenes of the movie National Treasure. A 1959 model 443 sedan will be my target build, these units came with a variety of optional engines from the Chrysler line up, from a straight six to a 360 v8 and even a hemi .

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    Tired Guest


    Did you buy the real one to get the parts built "just right" ?


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    zukamini Guest


    These machines came in several forms from a cab-less flat deck (burr) to a 10 -12 person freighter . it looks like they used standard power wagon components such as transfer case, front and rear axles, engine and transmission. they have four track steering in that both axles pivot on a turret, much like an old wagon. heres a few photos of some of the models including a 2008 diesel model.

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    zukamini Guest

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    Narly1 Guest


    Check out for some inspiration.


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    Oh this should be good, nice selection!
    A Hemi Snocat...someone's mod or a factory option?
    Can't wait to see what you do with this one...........................

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    zukamini Guest


    A 392 old style hemi was available in 1959 ,rated at 390 hp. dual exhaust and used in 900 series snocats, it was a special order item that could have been installed in any of the cats. Chrysler had been playing with the hemi since the early twenties, and during ww2 , they had developed a v-12 & a v-16 Hemi for an experimental P-47 thunderbolt. the v-16 provided over 3000 hp. level flight tests showed 504mph @ 15,000ft. it never went into production , but I found a photo of it and it's on display in a museum. v-16 aircraft hemi in 1945

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    mjh Guest

    Thumbs up

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    ecoli Guest


    This is going to be an awesome build. How much do the fullsize ones cost? That's my kind of ride :D!

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    zukamini Guest


    There are some used units out there on the net, you can get an old fixer upper for around $1200. the new ones can be as high as 70-80 grand. I managed to draft out some templates for most of the body and track components. this rig will be 1/10th scale and will measure just over 19" long.

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