LED Basic Lighting System for
1/18 BlackJack Body Set

XVD Axles for
Leverage High Clearance Front Axle

RC4WD 1911 1.9''
Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Limited Edition

Optional Grille Set for
Cruiser Body Set

Metal Front Winch Bumper for
HPI Venture FJ Cruiser

Metal Front Winch Bumper for
HPI Venture FJ Cruiser W/Lights

Limited Edition RC4WD
Cooling Towel

RC4WD Enforcer 1.9"
Beadlock Wheels

Jeep Invasion
Golden Sands Golf & Bucket Bar
Mears, Michigan

Silver Lake Jeep Invasion was a blast. We were able to introduce a lot of people to a scaled-down version of the very same type of vehicles they were there to celebrate. The event started for us on Thursday as we showed up early in the morning to start set-up. Jeep Invasion was kicked off with an afternoon ice cream social and a preview of the events that were to come. Many of the early visitors were able to take advantage of driving our courses without a crowd. Friday and Saturday were huge as the majority of Jeep enthusiasts started pouring in by the hundreds. Kids and adults alike rushed the scale course, they were amazed at how realistic the RC4WD 1/18 Mini Gelandes actually were compared to their own cars. Over 1500 jeep fanatics were present to show-off their unique creations and admire everyone else's. The parade on Saturday had the Jeeps line up and follow each other over to the sand dunes to test the limitations of their vehicles. On their return, awards were given for everything from Young Guns (Best build by 21 or younger) to Dirtiest Jeep. The weekend was topped off nicely with raffles, live music and fireworks as everyone began to pack up and head home.