I forgot to get some pics before we started, but it was basically a empty fenced lot. At our shop in the past we had sold custom outdoor furniture, but it died of the past few years. As i got into selling rc product, i thought why not build a course. I had a some favours to cash in on with an old friend who now was a landscaper.

This was taken toward the end of the third day.

We finally got to putting in the interlock patio

Than after that it was way too much time moving river rock. It seems like forever, but that happens when you put in 14 hours a couple days in a row to get things finished.

There is still lots of little details to finish up and more stone to put in to make certain areas look better. There is also a bridge and buildings still yet to build. So lots more coming over the summer.

A couple shots of trucks out in the course as it sits right now