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Thread: rc oxo's little place under the stairs

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    Default rc oxo's little place under the stairs

    Hi SBG folk,

    Just thought I would document and share my progress on a minitaure trail build currently under way beneath our back stairs. It's not a huge area - 3m x 4m - but it's enough to squeeze in a few obstacles and create some fun detours between the existing garden beds and the concrete driveway. It's also a good excuse to tidy up a daggy spot and make it useful!

    I only have a CC01 in my r/c garage for trailing (I hope to add a TRX4 or SCX10.II one day!). I am lucky enough to have access to a creek near our house and several acres on a family farm up north but sometimes you just want to sit under the back stairs and play with your trucks and dolls...

    Unfortunately I didn't take a good wide shot of the area before I started. But here are some early shots of the area:

    I'll extend the "red brick road" up under the stairs to the rocks.

    I may push an elevated feature through the foliage if possible:

    I purchased a pallet of "bush rocks" from the local landscaping supplier. I tried to find as many as I could with moss and lichen already growing on them - adds "character"! Our Forester was riding pretty low on the way home with that lot in the back!

    Bush Rocks being sorted:

    Excavation has begun. CC01 testing some features:

    I broke up a couple of large rocks to make a base of loose rocks:

    It's all a bit baron at the moment. Stay tuned for some greenery!

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    Nice! Interesting to see a use of a small space. I've got a tiny back yard so I'll be taking notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onetruescooty View Post
    Nice! Interesting to see a use of a small space. I've got a tiny back yard so I'll be taking notes.
    Thanks! I'll try and include some helpful details

    If I can offer one bit of advice - test it as you go! Keep a truck on hand and make sure it fits. I've had to tweak a few tight sections and completely dismantle the course a couple of times to improve the possible number of "lines" to take.

    I'd love to have some miniature pine trees (...dreaming of my own Smiggin's Folly...) but they are unlikely to grow where I live (subtropical). This location is on the southern side of the house so I'll be sticking to shade tollerant/indoor plants and hope to encourage some moss growth.

    I picked up a couple miniature ferns (sorry, not sure what scale ) and I dragged up a couple of pieces of driftwood from the local creek too.

    The plants are in! Willy checking the progress...

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    That looks like a fun little place to play with a lot of potential! Keep it up!

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