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Thread: TRX4 Ford Bronco Printed Interior

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    Default TRX4 Ford Bronco Printed Interior

    Hey folks, so I am brand new to the Traxxas line. When I saw the Bronco shell that they made for the TRX4, I could no longer ignore them. I have been running my beloved Tamiya High-Lift since 2007 but I have been customizing it ever since just to make it not terrible. I also picked up a TF2 with the Mojave body and once again, could not ignore how amazing the TF2 chassis is. Right now, the plan is a complete interior with detailed dash like I made for the Tamiya F150 and the fascia for the badly proportioned Tamiya Bruiser interior set:



    Currently, all the geometric interfaces for the chassis are complete so now it is just the details. All of the gauges and related items will be fully illuminated. Here is where I am now:

    More updates to follow. I have some wheels I am also working on.

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    Update. Still a lot of work left.

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    Great work - this looks fantastic! I love the illumination. I can't wait to see the final product.

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    Default pure awesomeness!

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    Yeah, great work! I think I have some of your high lift parts! Enjoy the rear bumper with lights!

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    Hey everyone, I am working on detailing my Traxxas TRX4 Bronco interior. I am looking for some help in the "upholstery" area. I want plaid upholstery in red and I think that due to the slight curvature of the seats that a water slide would work. This means I need to find some company to make the water slide for me which is fine but I am curious if you all have some ideas. I am really open to any ideas you have on the upholstery too so let me know. Here is where I am now. Wood decals are coming in soon so that will break up all the red. Thanks!

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