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Thread: Traxxas 7th Scale Trophy Truck

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    Not tooo bad, that thing looks pretty boss. But if I were to have my druthers...

    * They'd stop doing that stupid 'short sidewall on the inside' thing that 1/10 SC trucks do. I don't know why but it irritates me to no end there, it does here, and hell half of the way the real thing handles is due to the huge sidewalls folding over.

    * Electric is nice. But I want one with an engine. Glow or gas, either's fine, and 1/7 is in that grey area where it could be built light enough for a 0.32cid glow powerplant to be more than enough, or a smaller 15cc gasoline one to make it rip. It not being as fast as the BL version is fine with me, I still want the engine.

    * I bet itt'l have their stupid app nonsense going on where the thing's gimped unless it's hooked to your phone and unlocked. Hate that. With how much these things cost I'd expect 100% of the performance to be available from the word go without any app nonsense.

    Pretty nice truck, and it's probably the first TRX truck I've halfway seriously wanted to own since they announced the Slayer(Which was the first one full-stop), but...eeeh.

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    Man that truck looks awesome. It really does.

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    I dig it. Spoke to LHS and they said they'll have 7 or so in March. Think I'm gonna get one.

    I have a DBXL with a big motor and all sorts of add ons, and while it's cool, it's too loud and cumbersome to play with around my house. Think I'm gonna sell my DBXL and parlay the money into the orange Fox truck.

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