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Thread: Suppliers in UK for building materials

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    Default Suppliers in UK for building materials

    Hello all

    Any scratch builders on here in the UK who has worked with Komacel/ Styrene/ PVC foam board. I'm looking for a hobby store or shop who carries the product so I can either go in or order from them online needs be.

    Found lots of online suppliers but wanted to check with you guys before ordering from any online store.



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    I know a few in Birmingham, is that any use?

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    I get my styrene from Cheap, always have good stock, and ship fast.

    Komacel can be had from the US, but is expensive here in the UK. Available from I personally have no use for Komacel because it's really soft, and dents easily (none of my trucks are shelf queens).

    Some people use wood. I've never used wood for a truck. What I have been thinking about trying is a body made from EVA foam...

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